Teen Arts Pass (TAP) Registration Form

We strongly encourage teens to sign up for themselves; however, if that is not possible for whatever reason and this form is being completed by a parent, guardian, or other adult, just be sure all of the information provided (name, email, etc) is for the teen, not the adult.

Teen Information

format: xx/xx/xxxx

Valid Mailing Address:
(Mailing address is required. If for any reason you cannot share your mailing address please email: info@teenartspass.org to register.)

format: include street number, direction (N, S, E, or W) and type (Ave, St, Rd, Blvd). example: 1 S State St

Apt #, Suite #, etc.

A professional performance is any concert, play, dance performance, poetry reading, etc where tickets were sold to the general public.

Optional Information:

In March 2018, the City of Chicago started a new ID program called City Key. Teenagers may have received a TAP registration number on their card.

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